I can testify from personal experience how emu oil has been very helpful to me. I burnt the inside of my forearm with hot fat that splashed onto it. I immediately rinsed the fat off with cold water, then applied emu oil on the red area. Within minutes, the pain left and after a few more applications during the next two days, there wasn’t any sign of redness left at all.


Another time I was slicing meat with a very sharp knife which slipped and sliced a flap from the top of my finger. After stopping the blood flow, I pushed the flat back down and put emu oil on the cut, then placed a plaster over it. It healed so well that I don’t even have a scar where the cut was.


A few years ago my husband developed shingles on one side of his head and forehead. He was in so much pain that nothing the doctor prescribed had any effect. I suggested he try emu oil, which was very effective in relieving the burn and itching and with continuous use, it all healed up perfectly.


A few customers have been using emu oil on their pets that suffer from eczema and found that the anti-inflammatory properties in the oil gave them much relief. And the animals love the taste.


I had severe arthritis and since taking emu oil capsules some years ago, I have been pain free. My cholesterol has dropped from 5.2 to 2.5 and I have lost a few kilos. I still take 5 to 6  capsules daily and am as healthy as it is possible to be at my age of 70. I am an active farmer and still travel overseas for 3 months of the year, as well as play golf.


Another customer uses emu oil as an effective penetrating agent when included with other therapeutic agents to be absorbed deep into the skin for maximum results.


I use emu oil on my gardener who was severely burnt in a fire. I have before and after photos showing how well his burns healed up from the emu oil.